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Warner Vet Hospital is seeking a  Fulltime Veterinarian to join our team of 3 vets and 9 support staff.

Warner Vet HospitalWe are looking for dedicated, passionate veterinarians with good communication skills, a friendly positive attitude and a sense of humour. Our hospital was purpose built 4 years ago, and we have been serving Moreton Bay and Brisbane Northside for 17 years. The Hospital is fully computerised and equipped with all the mod cons including ultrasound machine, digital x-ray, in-house blood machine, ECG, etc.

Package 65k to 100k depending on experience.

Please fill in this questionnaire:

Your ideal job location
A. Cold, wet and rainy most of the year
B. Over-crowded suburban nightmare
C. Rural out back town with hardly anything going for it but a pub
D. Idyllic tropical weather year-round, surrounded by lush clean bush and local national parks and short drive to the sunshine and gold coasts.

Your ideal boss
A. Loves to leave you to it while vacationing the world
B. Gives you targets to meet from head office
C. Grumpy and bitter about their career choice
D. Highly accountable and proactive in personal development and leadership, challenging you to stretch your capacities to grow and learn.

Your ideal pay
A. Pay? I just love animals who needs pay?
B. I really should have become a lawyer or doctor
C. I love working my butt off for chump change
D. I love being rewarded for my hard efforts, my pay is based on my productivity, enough so that money is not an issue and I can get on and enjoy my work.

Your ideal team
A. Nurses that B*itch about you behind your back
B. A team that leaves you to it to grind by yourself with no S*its given
C. A busy industrious hive with no time for chit chat or fun
D. A team of highly skilled professionals that live to make your job even easier, are supportive, have open communication, accountability and are loyal

Your ideal educational program
A. Continuing education? Meh I had enough at Uni!
B. Forget that! I’m a genius and know all there is to know about being a vet
C. Conferences, I’ll never get the time or inclination to bother with those
D. I love travelling the world and learning all over Australia, I love my own personal development journey and the support to follow it.

Your ideal hospital
A. Using a cat litter tray for x-ray film processing in a concrete basement
B. Doing surgery in a converted laundry
C. Working in a converted wood house
D. Purpose fit out, with lots of shiny toys for diagnostic pleasure, digital x-rays, Nikki pumps, in-house idexx machines, etc

A quick vet skills test

Dog walks in with smelly breath for routine vaccination
A. Vaccinate it and get it out. There’s someone waiting
B. Vaccinate and tell owners to watch the teeth, they’ll be ok for another year
C. Vaccinate it and send owners off with a toothbrush
D. Complete health check plus book in a dental examination and prophy under anaesthetic.

Dog had a fall at the dog park and is lame
A. Metacam shot – she’ll be right!
B. Quick examination and metacam injection and some take home NSAIDS
C. Complete musculoskeletal examination and NSAIDs course
D. Full health check and lameness work-up, progressing to digital radiographs under sedation, leading to corrective surgery if needed.

Dog walks in with smelly ears for routine vaccination
A. Vaccinate it and get it out. I need to go to the toilet
B. Vaccinate and tell owners to watch ears
C. Vaccinate it and send owners off with ear cleaner
D. Complete health check plus ear cytology and make plan from there.

Lump found in clinical examination
A. Probably a Lipoma, no need to unnecessarily concern the owner
B. Advise owner it has a lump
C. Advise owner it has a lump, that it feels like an OK one so just monitor it
D. Aspirate in consult and get a diagnosis of the lump.

Puppy health check – 3 mths
A. C5 and boom – outta my room
B. C5 and worming
C. C5 and SR12
D. Cover basic health (C5, SR12, worming, fleas and ticks) discuss the importance of pet insurance and spend the rest of your 30-minute consult educating the owner about how to get the best out of their dog for the next 15 years. Hey presto, use our lovely nurses to conduct a fully puppy talk – winner, winner chicken dinner.

Bonus questions (4 points)
I love being active, living in a community with lots of schools, transport and parks and enjoy what outdoor lifestyle has to offer.
A=1 B=2 C=3 D=4

  • 11-22 points – Why did you get a vet degree? Maybe move to law
  • 22-33 points – Probably heading for a job in another industry
  • 33-40 points – This job may not be for you, maybe ring a corporate
  • 40-48 points – YOUR’RE A ROCK STAR VET – so please click on the APPLY button below to send your resume and cover letter.

On the 6th December 2001 the Warner Vet opened its doors, with it’s primary mandate being the provision of high quality veterinary medical care. On the 1st February 2014, we moved into our new digs and we couldn’t be happier. Our goal was simple, and this has not changed. The animals in our lives enrich and comfort us and provide emotional support. They do not complain, they do not burden us with expectations; they simply give us all that they have and all that they are. They are family members, best friends, life companions. They deserve the best we can give them, and we strive to provide all that we can for the patients in our care. Discover more about us at

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