The Weirdest and Most Wonderful Vet Jobs in Australia

Do you remember what you wanted to be when you were young? Maybe you dreamed of being a princess, an actor, fireman, or astronaut. For many kids, the idea of growing up to be a veterinarian starts at a very young age. Ask any veterinarian and we’ll bet they have a great story to tell about how they brought home injured animals and nursed their stuffed animals back to health. As children grow they broaden their horizons and learn about all of the possibilities that being a vet presents.

The need for veterinarians in Australia goes way beyond caring for small animals in your local vet clinic. Vet jobs like marine biologist, public health advocates, invasive species managers are wonderful and sometimes weird jobs that are necessary. These roles allow us to conserve and protect animals and people. When it comes to being a vet in Australia you are only limited by your imagination.

Before you decide to take that vet job you may want to learn about some of the other jobs vets can get in Australia.

  1. Equine Reproduction Veterinarian – Work with breeders and sports enthusiast to ensure plenty of foals in the spring.
  2. Board Certified Avian and Exotic Animal Vet- Take care of the birds, lizards, and pocket pets of the people who love diverse animal species.
  3. Production Animal Veterinarian- Care and protect the animals that produce food and products for human consumption.
  4. Teacher- Use your degree to inspire and educate future veterinarians.
  5. Pathologist- Identify pathogens and anomalies in lab samples to aid in treatment of diseases.
  6. Race Horse Veterinarian- Work with trainers, businesses owners, and compliance officials to ensure the safety and health of race horses is being met.
  7. Zoo Veterinarian- Provide care and help develop protocols to ensure the health and well-being of captive wildlife in zoo and wild animal parks.
  8. Veterinary Acupuncture or Chiropractor- Apply Eastern medicine philosophy to animals.
  9. Animal trainer- This job can go way beyond training pets to sit and stay. Train dolphins, seals, and lions for a number of tasks from entertainment to national security.
  10. Marine Biologist- Use your degree to aid in research and conservative efforts in the ocean.
  11. Public Health- Research, educate, and create policies to protect humans and animals from zoonotic diseases.
  12. Invasive Animal Management- Not all wild animals romping across Australia are native. Using your vet skills you can monitor, protect, and develop programs to aid native species.
  13. Herpetologist- Collect, study, and treat the vast snake species that call Australia home.
  14. Small animal veterinarian- While exotic jobs always sound exciting, taking care of our favorite puppies and kittens is just as meaningful and necessary.

Whatever your motivation for looking for a job as a vet is, you are going to find plenty of inspiring opportunities. Whether you choose to help the fur babies in your local town or take on a monumental job of protecting native species, the work you do will make a difference in all of our lives. Here’s to turning childhood dreams into reality.