What to Wear to A Vet Nursing Job Interview?

Congratulations! You’ve landed a job interview for that dream vet nursing job you’ve had your eye on. Now what? While you are reviewing your medical math and vaccine protocols don’t forget about how your appearance can impact your interview. Sure, we may be covered in fur, dirt, slobber, and anything else that managed to come off a pet and land on us during the day, but we don’t want to show up for an interview looking like that. At the same time over dressing could make you look unprepared for a “dirty” job. Before you run out that door here are some tips to help you dress smart for that vet nursing job interview.

  1. Dress for the job you want.

This is a pretty old saying that still rings true. Unless you are interviewing for a job at a university or a specialty hospital that requires you to speak with a board or high level executives avoid a three-piece suit. While you undoubtedly will look sharp, it’s not very practical for the job you are applying for. Dressing too far up could cast doubt on your ability to get down and dirty when the job calls for it. Most vet hospitals are small families; you don’t want to come off stuffy before you have a chance to get to know your future colleagues.


  1. Scrubs versus Business Casual

Since a business professional attire is out, that leaves us with two reasonable choices: scrubs versus business casual attire. If your in-person interview is immediately followed by a working interview, that the easier answer is to wear scrubs. You need to be dressed to go from a conversation to restraining an animal and cleaning kennels. Don’t throw on your favourite holey scrubs that you’ve had for years. Sure they are comfy and make you feel like a vet nurse superhero, but they lack a polish shine. Makes sure your scrubs are clean, pressed, and preferably in solid colours. While it’s fun and good for morale to have scrub tops covered in cute cartoon animals and pop culture, you don’t want to distract from your skills.

If you aren’t planning on a working interview after your in-person interview business casual may be the best option for you. Choose nice slacks in dark or neutral colours. Pick a button up or blouse that can be paired with a jacket, if you want or a vest to impress. Make sure that whatever you choose to wear you are okay with getting fur and pet goo on it. It’s not uncommon for an interviewee to be presented with an opportunity to help out. Whether that means helping a client to their car with their cat in a carrier and their lap dog in your arm, or restraining a pet in the back that needs an extra set of hands.


  1. Good Shoes Take You Good Places

Don’t forget shoes when getting reading for your vet nursing interview. Seriously, make sure you wear some. Joking aside, shoes also have their place in helping you stand out from the crowd of vet nurse applicants. While those sexy kitten heels look great for a night on the town or a romantic date, they won’t score you points in a job interview to become a vet nurse. Choosing flats or nice sneakers sends a clear message to the interviewer that you are sensible, and ready to help. Again, you won’t be racing to the treatment room in high heels to assist with a crashing patient.

You’ve worked hard to land that job interview as a vet nurse, now is your time to shine. Before you run out the door take a few minutes to make sure you are dressed for the part. Be ready to jump in and help with the patients in the clinic which means forgoing the business professional attire and sparkly heels. Instead choose business casual or scrubs to help you look the part. Now go out there and impress them with your skills. Good luck!