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9 Essential Steps To Boosting Your Vet Nurse Career

It may come as a surprise to you, but the very best specialist Vet Nurses or Technicians earn a six-figure income.

Admittedly, these roles are rare with the majority of Vet Nurses or Vet Technicians earning less than the average wage – in Australia $40-65k, in the UK £18-25k and in the USA $30-50k based on the most recent data available.

Now, we all know that few in the industry are motivated purely by money, and the nature of people who go on to study, qualify and eventually become Vet Nurses tends not to be pushy when it comes to negotiating salaries. That must stop, but that is a subject to be addressed another day, as it is an issue that the industry needs to address across the board and will take a lot of effort.

In the shorter term, one way to supplement your income as a Vet Nurse is to focus on your career development and work your way rapidly up through the ranks. Let your experience, expertise and ability “self-negotiate” career advancement and achieve the rewards that may enable you to one day earn that six-figure salary we mentioned earlier.

So, we went out and asked some of the leading Vet Nurses around the world who have achieved personal, professional and financial success, what are some of the key steps for you to follow…

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Your dream job and next career step working with animals is only a few clicks away. Find a career working with animals in a variety of fields from Vet Jobs to Vet Nurses Jobs, Vet Practice Manager Jobs and more; and in Pet Care there are opportunities in Pet Retail Management and Customer Service as well as for Groomers, Trainers, and Territory Sales roles.

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And now, from around the web…

45% of veterinary nurses plan to leave the profession
A survey carried out by the Irish Veterinary Nursing Association (IVNA) – in conjunction with Irish Veterinary Nurses Unite (IVNU) – has revealed that 45% of registered veterinary nurses (RVNs) plan to leave the profession in five years or sooner.

Scratchpay Raises $6.4M To Help Humans Pay Their Vet Bills
Scratchpay’s platform allows individuals with vet bills from $2,000 to $10,000 to apply for payment plans. The approval process does not affect individuals’ credit scores, and it is based on a data and artificial intelligence-powered lending algorithm, according to the company’s press release.

Pregnant? New training module explains risks from handling veterinary medicines
‘Handling Veterinary Medicines and Pregnancy’ gives up-to-date, evidence-based guidance on which drugs and methods of handling are hazardous; information on the relevant regulations relating to the safe handling of such medicines; and practical guidance on avoiding harm in veterinary practice.

New Augmented Reality Program Teaches Canine Anatomy
Recent technologic advances have enabled the creation of virtual resources for teaching human and animal anatomy. Such programs are typically intended to complement or replace traditional teaching methods, such as cadaver-based dissection and 2D textbook illustrations.

Exploring Shyness among Veterinary Medical Students
This exploratory study examined the prevalence, source, and nature of shyness among incoming Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) program students at one veterinary medical school.

Why at-home veterinary visits matter
The house call can give veterinarians an entirely new perspective in an evaluation as well as a diagnostic wealth of information. It might be the best way to diagnose what’s going on in that tricky patient you’re losing sleep over.

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