Vet Nurse Lauren Bingham

Lauren Bingham Vet Nurse

1.What inspired you to choose a career in Veterinary medicine?

I have wanted to work in the animal care industry for as long as I can remember. After graduating uni with a totally different degree, I wasn’t feeling completely fulfilled in my career, as my passion was animal welfare. Fast-forward to a few years down the track and I was able to get a job as a practice manager at a vet clinic, and loved it so much that I completed my Certificate IV in vet nursing while working for that company. Now I’m a full-time nurse and love my job – it’s a wonderful feeling waking up each morning, excited for what the day has in store.

2. What are your favourite animals to work with and why?

I have a huge soft spot for baby birds. I’ve hand-reared a few, and love seeing them grow and thrive. I also love working with cats; a previous coworker once taught me quite a few fear-free cat handling techniques, and it’s great to be able to share that knowledge and make a trip to the vet less stressful for them.

 3. What has been the most challenging moment of your career thus far?

I’d have to say any time a true emergency walks through the door. You have to keep a clear head, and work quickly but efficiently. Having a solid team around you makes all the difference in a difficult situation as well.

4. What has been the most rewarding moment?

Being able to see a patient go from a potentially life-threatening state to walking out the door purring or wagging its tail is so rewarding. Knowing that you took part in helping that animal get there is the best feeling.

5. What is the single best lesson that being a Veterinarian has taught you?

The best lesson I’ve learned is to always treat others the way you’d want to be treated yourself. Compassion, patience and empathy are, in my opinion, of the most important parts of nursing, and I always try to put myself in that animal or client’s shoes when they’re in our care.

Lauren Bingham’s Bio

Lauren moved to Australia from the USA three years ago, looking for a career that was geared towards her passion: animal welfare. Having worked in hospitality management back in the States while spending her spare time volunteering at animal shelters, Lauren’s dream came true when she started working at the Love That Pet Darlinghurst Vet as part of the Clinical and Experience Crew.