Signs It’s Time to Find a New Vet Job

Working as a veterinarian is one of the most reward jobs there is. Of course, it can also be the most frustrating job. When your job satisfaction is based on more than your skills and the patients you’re seeing, it can be challenging to stay in a job and to keep your spirits up. For many veterinarians, their job brings them a lot of job satisfaction. Watching as puppies and kittens grow up to have happy and long lives because of the care they provide can leave a lasting high. The joy of saving a critically injured pet or uncovering a treatable illness can push veterinarians to give their jobs everything they have.

While working as a veterinarian is a great job, it is still a job. Unless you own your own practice, you must abide by the policies and rules of your employer. You care is hinged upon the support staff and client’s willingness to move forward with treatment. These barriers can quickly turn a job of love into a nightmare. When you love what you do it can be hard to decide when it’s time to find a new veterinarian job. There are some tell-tale signs that you should be paying attention to for your mental and physical well-being.

Toxic Environments- This one should be a no-brainer, but sometimes we all need someone to tell us it’s okay to leave your job. If you work in an environment where you are being berated, abused, or second-guessed then it’s time to consider a new vet job. Constant snide remarks, destructive criticism, and back-biting can drain you mentally, emotionally, and physically. In the end, you can be putting your patients at risk if you begin to doubt your training and skills. Life it too short to work in a hostile environment. Start looking for a new job right now.

Patient Care is Compromised- Being a great veterinarian is only one part of the job. You must depend on your vet nurses and support staff to complete the prescribed treatments and relay instructions to owners. If you are concerned that your patients aren’t getting the treatments you order or the quality of care you expect, it may be time to change vet jobs. If something goes wrong with your treatment plan your license could be at risk. You don’t want to lose the privilege of practicing medicine because your support staff dropped the ball.

Stagnant Growth- Veterinary medicine is always changing. New treatments, medications, and diagnostic tools are being discovered almost daily. If your job doesn’t afford you the opportunity to advance your skills and stay on top of new medical trends, it’s time to find a new job. As a veterinarian, you are responsible for your knowledge base. If your employer doesn’t support and encourage growth, your career could be impacted.

You Are Miserable- If you find yourself dreaming about missing your bus stop or highway exit on the way to work in the morning, it may be time to find a new job. If it takes your hours to brush off the ick from your day after your shift, it may be time find a new job. If you dream of calling in sick when you feel healthy, it may be time to move on. Let’s face it, not every vet job you have will be the best place you ever worked. They may have a great team, great medicine, and great growth, but if the fit isn’t right, it’s not right. The good news is if you find yourself in this situation you can take your time finding a better fit.

Working as a veterinarian is already a challenging job. Don’t let yourself be drawn down every day working in a clinic that doesn’t make you happy. The veterinary field continues to grow meaning you’ll be able to find a great job as a veterinarian in another clinic. Take the first steps to finding happiness in your career, you deserve it.

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