How To Get That First Vet Tech or Vet Nurse Job

How To Get That First Vet Tech or Vet Nurse Job

Successfully completing your studies and practical skills placements and gaining your Certification is a great first step toward a career as a Vet Nurse or Vet Technician. Putting your newly acquired skills to work in an entry-level job is the next step. Here are five tips to help you secure your first job as a brand new Vet Tech or Vet Nurse.

Get excited

“Enthusiasm and preparation is what South Australian employers are looking for in their new workers, employment insiders say…They are calling for jobseekers to take the time to show their prospective boss they are serious about working for their company by showing them a hard-working attitude.” Cara Jenkin, Career One

Many inexperienced job applicants are surprised to hear that eager yet inexperienced job seekers will often have an edge over experienced individuals who show a lower level of enthusiasm or drive. In fact, a study of 1,000 employers showed that two-thirds of business owners said they would hire a candidate with the right attitude over a job seeker with the perfect skills and the wrong mindset.

Be persistent

“Once you graduate, finding that first role requires more persistence as again, it is hard to find a Clinic that will take on a “green” Vet Nurse; although…building a team for the long haul is the foundation of success. Which means investing in fresh team members with the latest knowledge and nurturing them to become the experienced Vet Nurses of tomorrow.”

As you apply for entry level jobs, you need to forge ahead in spite of being rejected by some hospitals or clinics. Often you will apply for some positions and never receive a response from them if you don’t follow up and be proactive. Remember that in this busy time that we live in, regrettably this is normal!

Only 2% of job applicants are ever contacted for an interview. The remaining 98% of applicants either never receive a response or are immediately eliminated from consideration.

Present letters of recommendation

Two or three letters of recommendation will give you a head start in the race for an entry-level position. Even if you are a young student with limited employment experience, a positive endorsement can be a difference maker. Here are a few points to consider as you gather letters of recommendation:

  • Good prospects include professors and veterinarians who know your strengths and capabilities
  • You may also wish to include favourable letters from your placement supervisors and colleagues
  • Include a copy of each letter with your resume when you submit your application for employment
  • Bring a second copy with you to your interview in case the hiring manager never received them, hand them across again at the interview

Express a willingness to work non-traditional hours

Most job seekers will prefer working a standard 38-hour workweek. Few openly express eagerness about working weekends, overtime, or on holidays. However, veterinary emergencies are unpredictable, and there is a growing need for Vet Techs and Vet Nurses who are willing to work non-traditional hours – and it won’t be forever, but if it gets you your first job it is worth it.

Send thank you notes

One of the most effective ways to stand out from the crowd is to send thank you notes to the veterinarians or hiring managers who interviewed you. Only 5% of interviewees send a thank you note after an interview, so sending a note will really help you rise above the competition. Here are some points to keep in mind as you prepare thank you notes:

  • Send your note within 24 hours if possible
  • If you are not able to send a handwritten note, send an email
  • Make sure you spell the recipient’s name and title correctly
  • Reiterate your desire and readiness to serve as a member of their animal health team

In Conclusion…

Maintaining a positive, proactive approach is critical when seeking a traineeship or an entry-level job as a Vet Tech or Vet Nurse. By following the tips above, you can separate yourself from the crowd of applicants and make a memorable impression on hiring managers. Ultimately, you will position yourself for your dream career as a Vet Nurse or Vet Tech.

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