Should You Hire a Seasoned Veterinarian or Take a Chance on a Fresh Graduate

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It’s time again for you to add a new veterinarian to your staff. Whether you are experiencing growth and need to ease the workload on your current veterinarians, or you are looking to replace a colleague who is moving on, hiring a veterinarian can be a challenge. Before you post that vet job you need make some decisions about what it is you are looking for in an ideal veterinarian. Are you looking for a seasoned vet or are you open to a new graduate? Do you want them to have skills to expand your current services? Would you like them to take on a mentor role for your vet nurses? Asking questions like this will help you pin down the best candidate to target when you are ready to offer a job to a vet.

There are advantages and disadvantages when deciding between hiring a new vet versus a seasoned veterinarian. The obvious reasons you would want to hire an experienced vet is due to their knowledge. You can unleash them in your clinic with minimal training on how your office operates. Your nurses can help them with paperwork and treatment protocols, while they focus on medicine. Experienced veterinaries can also expand your service offerings. If they have knowledge and a passion for reptiles, birds, and or pocket pets, you can open your doors to those pets. Bringing in new clients can boost your bottom line.

Of course, while there are good reasons to hire an experienced veterinarian for your vet job, there are also some setbacks to consider. The first, and most obvious is pay. Veterinarians who have been practicing for years want and should be paid for their knowledge and skills. The second struggle you may face by hiring a veterinarian who has been practicing for years, is the bad habits they bring with them. You may find that many veterinarian do things their way, because it has always worked for them. At the same time, your clinic may have policies and rules that are based on current studies and industry standards. Your new hire must be willing to adapt to your rules. These struggles can make hiring a vet much more complicated than it needs to be.

On the other hand, hiring a new graduate may be a great way to get some new blood into your clinic. New graduates are excited about their first jobs. They are motivated and eager to perform well. They often volunteer for extra shifts, enjoy working with nurses, and want to grow in their careers. If you can mentor them, they can be the perfect solution for filling that vet job. Your team will need to be able monitor and provide help as the acclimate. You may also run into issues with their ability to manage nurses. A little careful planning can go a long way towards onboarding your new graduate.

Hiring a veterinarian doesn’t have to be a big ordeal. First look at your clinic and what its needs are. If you have the energy and time to bring in a fresh vet, then go for it. If you need a seasoned clinician, then be prepared to handle bad habits they may bring. Either way, you are going to bring in a key member to your team. Planning for that transition will make the hire a successful one for everyone.


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