Great Job Ads Tell A Story

How To Write A great Job Ad For Vets and Vet Nurses

Finding exceptional new team members is never easy, but when there is a shortage of high quality candidates and a plethora of employers “in the market” for talented vets and vet nurses, you have to be creative if you are going to gain the attention of the very best candidates.

The best approach is to take a leaf out of the books of some of the best novelists; whether you are a Shakespeare, Tolstoy or Stephen King, it’s time to sharpen your quill and get creative.


An enormous amount of effort goes into the selection of a story title, be it newsprint, blog or novel and you should apply the same.

It’s not enough to make the ad title the position name, you should at a minimum ad an adjective – “Exceptional Vet” or “Talented Vet Nurse”. And if you are feeling particularly creative try a question such as “Are you ready for your next Vet Challenge?” or “Can you lead the next generation of Vet Nurses to succeed?”.

Let’s not go overboard though, the Vet and Pet Care industry remains quite conservative so make sure you don’t go so far into right field that you scare people off.

Set The Scene and Build Reader Interest

A key part of story telling is setting the scene. Don’t assume they know you or the practice, they don’t so a couple of sentences about your business, customers and team is a great foundation for writing a compelling ad.

Appeal To The Readers Intellect

Anybody with an ounce of talent already knows the basics of the job you are seeking to fill, so writing a long shopping list of duties and tasks is a waste of your and their time. Acknowledge that there are foundations tasks and responsibilities and then lists the highlights that are unique to you and your practice; use bullet points for maximum effect.

Create A Sense Of Difference

This is where you start to sell, yes sell, your unique advantages. Appeal to their professionalism, add a little flattery and imply a touch of humour and humbleness, whilst asserting the successes that you and your team achieve every day.

Build To A Climax

At this point you need to bring you story to a happy ending; the candidate and you sailing off into the sunset together. Tell them how important they are to you and how you will be important to them to at this point in their career and a little more flattery.

Ask For The Order

Finally, ask them to apply. It’s a great way to get them to act just as they come to the end of your ad.

Is the above too much to ask? Not really. We work in an industry where people are our most valuable and our most expensive and productive asset; it is definitely worth the small extra effort to write a compelling Job Ad. It creates a great impression now, and in the future, and will make your recruitment of your next team member a pleasantly memorable experience.

Watch out for our next post – How to shorten that long list of applicants.