Create a Winning Cover Letter to Land Your Dream Job

You have worked tirelessly to earn your veterinarian degree. You spent your summers working at local veterinary offices. You volunteer at the local shelter, and when friends call at all hours looking for advice for their pets you answer with a smile. Your hard work deserves to be rewarded with your dream vet job.

The job market for veterinarians in Australia is looking great. According to Job Outlook, vet jobs are expected to grow by as much as 37.9% in the next ten years. Currently unemployment rates for vets is way below average, making finding a vet job not as difficult as other industries. If you are looking to get started in an amazing career at a veterinary hospital, then we recommend you shine up your cover letter.

When applying for a job as a veterinarian you need to be able to accomplish three very important things in a limited amount of space and time. You need to be able to introduce yourself and explain your education and experience. You have to express how you will be the perfect candidate to care for the clinic’s current clients and new ones. Finally, you need to show that you are the addition to the clinic’s team they have been looking for.  It won’t be easy, but if you are able to craft a cover letter for a vet job with these elements, you can increase your chances of earning an interview and a brand new vet job.

Every article ever written about cover letters expresses the need for personal details. Providing information on who you are, where you went to school, and what experience you have will be the easiest part of creating your cover letter. If you can provide this information in a fun and thoughtful way, you can quickly move your resume to the top of the pile. Try to keep these details to short succinct points. You want to have plenty of room to woo them with your personality and skills later. This first section is also a great place to prove you read the whole vet job listing. If they made a special request or asked for specific skill, tell them why they have found their new vet in you.

Once you get over the basics and have shown you follow directions, this is where your cover letter can be fun. What makes you a great vet? Why should they hire you? Use this section of your letter to highlight examples of times you went above and beyond for patient care. Talk about studies you’ve worked on that will improve your skills. Explain a time when you saved a patient that no one thought was saveable. Don’t forget that being a great vet isn’t just about medicine, it’s also about people. Share a story about a client who changed your life. Use this section to show HR departments that you are a person with integrity and skill that will only enhance their office.

The last element of your cover letter will need to help you land that vet job is proof that you are a team player. A great education and knowledge about medicine are both necessary to have, but in the end if you can’t get along with the vet nurses, receptionist, and office manager, you aren’t going to get the vet job. Use this last section to talk about how much you love the comradery between vet nurses and vets. Talk about how you created a program to improve team dynamics. If you haven’t been able to use those skills, talk about a situation that you wanted to make a change. Show them that you understand that vets do not exist in a vacuum. That everyone needs to work as a team to meet the patient’s needs.

Landing your dream vet job is within your reach. The key is to create a cover letter that goes beyond basic and proves you are the best candidate for the role. Start with basic details about your skills and education. Spice up your letter with examples of great patient and client care. Finish off your cover letter with proof that you know how to be a team player. These three little sections will have them knocking on your door to get you in for an interview for that vet job. Once you have your cover letter ready be sure to check out the vet jobs available in your area.