Connecting Veterinary Professionals One Click At A Time

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Connecting Veterinary Professionals One Click At A Time

We have been building up some regional LinkedIn and Facebook groups to help the industry share their career opportunities and locum gigs in a more structured way – open to everyone, job seekers, employers and recruiters.

But we also want these groups to be more than just about jobs…

You see, despite the many great things that attract us all to delivering pet and animal care, our industry also has it’s problems:

  • 30.6% of veterinary professionals suffer stress
  • 25.6% of veterinary professionals suffer depression
  • 26.4% suffer work-related burnout
  • Veterinarians in particular have almost four times the suicide rate as the broad Australian population

Loneliness and isolation are common traits for people contemplating suicide and can easily occur even in a busy Veterinary environment, or can sometimes be felt even in relationships or when surrounded by people. Loneliness is feeling sad about being by yourself, particularly over a long period of time. Isolation is a sense of being separated from other people and your environment.

So we also hope that these groups may in a very small way, help some to overcome a sense of loneliness or isolation by having access to groups of like minded people to chat, not just about work or jobs, but also just to be among friends and peers who “know”.

Feel free to join any region that may be of interest…



And if things are becoming too much…

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