How to Boost Morale in Your Veterinary Nurse Team

Working in the veterinary industry can sometimes feel like a love-hate relationship.  Long days in the summer and slow days in winter can make for ups and downs that can leave veterinary nurses feeling low. As a practice manager for a veterinary clinic it become your task to keep their spirits up to prevent high turnover rates and a maintain or improve patient care.

Creating a program that nurtures, inspires, and challenges your veterinary nurses is a great way to keep them motivated through the bad days and weeks that are sure to come. Here are some of our best tips to keep your vet nurses fired up and ready to be the best animal care givers that can be.

  • Free Food- Everyone loves free food. It’s not uncommon for busy days to result in skipped lunches and breaks that can turn your fun-loving crew into a hangry pack of difficult nurses. Stock the break room with healthy treats like fresh fruit, protein bars, and popcorn. These snacks will help fill them up and provide for focus. You don’t have to break the bank to offer treats. Plan a monthly budget and slowly fill the break room to prevent everything from disappearing days after you purchase them.
  • Surprise Lunch- For no reason at all buy the team lunch. It doesn’t have to be a busy day or a slow day, just pick a random day and have sandwiches or pizza delivered. This small act of kindness shows your team how much you appreciate their help. Little symbols like this can go a long way towards keeping your vet nurses on point.
  • Provide continuing education- Many vet nurses love medicine and learning. They know that being great requires improving skills and staying on top of new treatment protocols. Empower them to learn more and implement what they are learning. You can do this on a budget by assigning clinicians topics and presentations. If you have funds, give them an opportunity to attend a conference or CE event. Keeping their minds agile and challenged can cut down on turnover rates so you don’t have to find new crew to fill your veterinary nurse jobs.
  • Pass on Responsibility- Let your team get involved with some of the administrative responsibilities. These tasks will help you and give them a sense of purpose. Vet nurses can help with inventory, scheduling, compliance tracking, and a number of other tasks that will help them feel ownership.
  • Start a reward program- Encourage nurses, vets, receptionist, and the whole team to give their teammates kudos. These kudos can then be collected and turned in for rewards. You can offer things like a half day off, or even a full day, free lunch, new scrubs, stethoscopes, or even non-work related items like tickets to an event or gift cards. Not only will you increase team dynamics but you will inspire your team to work harder to earn those rewards.

Keeping your vet nurse motivated through the highs and lows or day-today work can be challenging. But with a little inspiration and these tips we know you’ll be able to keep your staff working hard and happy longer.

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