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1. What inspired you to choose a career in Veterinary medicine?

I loved watching and reading All Creatures Great and Small as a kid and my parents indulged my love of animals by letting me keep mice, rats, guinea pigs and rabbits. I finally worked my way up to a Newfoundland dog, who was my best mate during my high school years.

When I first finished school I took a few years out (7 in total!) to travel and entered uni as a mature age student. It is never to late to follow your dream career.

2. What are your favourite animals to work with and why?

I’m definitely a dog person, but the more I understand cats and their unique needs, the more I find them fascinating. They are not as expressive as dogs and often hide their illnesses very well.

3. What has been the most challenging moment of your career thus far?

Balancing work and being a mum to two young boys has been a challenge. I think many new mums experience being torn between being at home and doing a job they enjoy.

Luckily I have been able to work part-time and work from home lately so that I can manage to do it all.

4. What has been the most rewarding moment?
I find it extremely rewarding when a patient comes in with terrible teeth and we are able to fix them. Pet parents often underestimate the impact of dental disease on their pets, so I find it rewarding when they come back a week later and say their dog is acting like a puppy again.

5. What is the single best lesson that being a Veterinarian has taught you?

Being a vet has taught me to let go of my expectations and to not judge people for their choices. Every day is different and I can’t always control outcomes or how the day will turn out.

Sometimes people don’t have money to treat their pet’s disease in an optimal way, but we can find a compromise that still helps that pet. And sometimes someone who has very little money to spare will still spend every last dollar on their pet if it means their pet will be healthy and pain free.

I have also learnt to never make plans after work or say ‘Gee, it’s pretty quiet today’, because that will be the day an emergency happens!


Dr. Eloise’s Bio

With 7 years of small animal vet practice in Sydney, Dr. Eloise Bright is an animal lover and advocate for all animals from baby birds to stray kittens. Chat with her and her dog, Duster and cat, Jimmy on Google+.

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