5 Steps to Career Progression for Vet Nurses

Whether you started working as a kennel assistant or studied to earn your vet nurse certification, being a vet nurse doesn’t have to be your last career goal. Many vet nurses aspire to use their skills for more than the wonderful work they do with animals. Love for challenges and the desire to advance skills motivate many vet nurses to progress their career beyond being just a vet nurse.

Having the skills and certifications for being a vet nurse is a great way to grow your career. You will have a unique perspective on many aspects of a vet clinic from staffing, team dynamics, inventory, as well as regulations and compliance protocols. This knowledge can help you guide hospital protocol, attract new team members, and create a more efficient vet clinic. Basically you have the know-how and ability to make your work place your second favourite place to be. How do you go from being a vet nurse to the master of your career progression? Here are five steps you can take to improve your career’s outlook and happiness.

  1. Get Your Vet Nurse Certificate

If you have not earned your vet certification, then now is the time. While a lot of vet nurses in the field do not have their certification, having it sends a powerful message to your employers. Earning your vet nurse certification tells employers that you are serious about veterinary medicine. You are willing to invest in your education and put in the work necessary to earn the accolade. The certification works as proof of your dedication to your career.

  1. Volunteer for More Responsibility

There are opportunities on a daily basis to volunteer to help out around the vet clinic. Whether your office manager needs help with inventory, scheduling, or creating a new policy, offer your assistance. You come away as a team player and become familiar with your hospital’s policies that can open doors for more opportunities to advance your skills.

  1. Start or Recommend a Mentor Program

Investing in new vet nurses and assistants is a great way to develop a skilled team that works like a fine machine. Many vet nurses find their days swamped with work that needs skill to complete, making training a difficult task. Stepping up and offering to create and run a mentoring program is a great to progress in your career. Not only are you showing your hospital’s leadership team that you are also a leader, but you can make a positive impact on new nurses entering the field. You can teach them the tips and tricks you wished someone had showed you. You get to welcome them into the folds of the vet nurse family. This gesture proves you are a team player and creates a welcoming environment for new staff.

  1. Apply for Team Lead and Supervisor Positions

No one will know you are looking to progress in your career unless you let them know. As senior vet nurse jobs, or team lead, and supervisor positions open in your clinic be sure to apply for them. The key to your success will be creating a great cover letter for your application. While many are saying cover letters are out, they work like magic in this arena. Use your letter to highlight your contributions and the positive work you have done for the clinic. It’s possible that due to heavy workloads and stressful times your stellar work may have gone unnoticed, don’t let it.

  1. Be Patient

Entry level positions for vet nurses tend to be a revolving door for many vet clinics. These positions are easy to fill. For supervisors, team leads, and even office managers it can be years before a position is open. Vet administrators know the value of these skilled workers. They work hard to keep them on the team. That means it can take time for an opportunity to present itself. Stay diligent in your efforts to become an integral member of the team.

Advancing your career as a vet nurse is within your grasps. With a little effort you can climb your way up the clinic ladder to reach your goals. Get your certification if you don’t have it. Ask for more responsibility and perform those tasks well. Embrace new team members with a mentoring program. In the end, be patient. If an opportunity doesn’t present itself, be fearless and look for other vet nurse jobs. The skills you have gained while trying to progress in your clinic could make you the ideal candidate some other clinic has been waiting for. You got this!