$12 Billion Reasons Why You Should Be Working with Animals

The numbers are in; Aussies love their pets. In fact, they are spending $12 billion dollars every year on their favourite non-human family members. We’re spending money on everything from premium pet food to veterinary services including aesthetic procedures like Neuticles.  We happily hire pet walkers and doggie day cares that exercise and love our pets while we hustle and bustle to keep their posh lifestyles. For us, keeping our pets happy and healthy is a big priority. And it should be, they provide stress relief, health improvements, and a good laugh when we need it.

The increase in spending that Aussies continue to invest in their pets has opened the doors to an already lucrative job market. Jobs for veterinarians, vet nurses, receptionist, groomers, and everything in-between continue to grow. Anytime an industry continues to grow at an accelerated rate, like we have been seeing, the job market also experience a strong uptick. In fact, growth has been predicted to remain in the double digits for these pet related jobs in the coming years. This makes for a perfect storm of opportunity if you are looking for a vet job or vet nurse job.

The advantages of joining the animal care industry go beyond plenty of job opportunities. Thanks to the diverse set of needs pets provide, you can start working in the industry with minimal experience, in some cases. Retailers, boarding facilities, and business development jobs are waiting for enthusiastic workers to fill their needs. And of course, if you want to become a certified vet nurse or a veterinarian, there are plenty of training and educational opportunities to turn that dream into a reality. Gaining the skills needed to perform well in an industry that is growing every year leads the way to a brighter future.

Once you’ve decided to take the plunge and join the animal care work force, you’ll quickly find opportunities await you. Take time to review job posting on niche sites like Vet and Pet Jobs. These job sites are designed to help limit your search by providing listings that are relevant to your career goals. Regardless of your ambitions to become a veterinarian in Australia or if you would prefer to become a groomer, we have the jobs you are looking for.

If you have a passion for pets, then you should be very excited by these figures. Now is the perfect time to join the thousands of animal care workers in Australia.